'18 Brzinski Oberos Compact 1500 1.0

Agile and twisty in the corners, but doesn't forgive mistakes

  1. Daaxoo
    '18 Brzinski Oberos Compact 1500

    A quick, fun, superbly agile hot hatch, at a reasonable price. Corners like a dream, better then some of my much more expensive cars, but the suspension is also somewhat more... loosely, shall we say... tuned, then most of my FWD cars, and the rear downforce is limited. Don't expect it to be glued to the road at high speeds, and be super easy to drive, there will be some FWD oversteer, if you push it too far. It takes a bit of driving finesse to get the most out of it, and take advantage of the excellent cornering, without making the rear end slide.

    Not a car for newbies, but very good if you know how to drive. Enjoy.


    1. Screenshot164.png
    2. Screenshot165.png
    3. Screenshot166.png
    4. Screenshot167.png
    5. screenshot_2020-12-22_10-53-39.png
    6. screenshot_2020-12-22_10-53-52.png
    7. screenshot_2020-12-22_10-54-48.png
    8. screenshot_2020-12-22_10-56-55.png
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