Unsupported 18L V8 GAA engine mod 1.51

another tank engine mod

  1. just tiding things up

    removed the 18L V8 superchargers since last update removed changing the max RPM with different intakes so you can now just use the stock ones.
  2. NOS

    nos is added to every engine
  3. semi update

    This just adds the engine to the semi and only produces like 4k torque with the t600 turbo


    1. 20170906162311_12.jpg
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  4. NEW SOUNDS!!!

    This adds in the new sounds for the game it uses the sound from the barstow.
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  5. realistic torque curves

    kaytc said that I should tweak around with this thing until I get things right so I did and got it to get a pretty darn close torque curve maybe only 5-10 torque off but it gets 300 extra torque now. And on the automatic note, the reason it is slipping is that of the transmission code and not the engine so I would still have to make new transmissions and I already made a 6 and 10-speed manuals.
  6. some manual transmissions

    This update adds in a 6-speed manual (same gears ratios as the 6 speed automatic) and also a 10-speed manual (same gear ratios as my 10 speed automatic). The reason is that the automatic transmissions don't like this engine and slip it might be because of the low RPM and some engage RPM's but who knows.
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