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1943 SKY Schnellwagen Maybach 1.0

The tank-engined 1940s sport coupe for the inner wehraboo. It even comes in Panzergrau!

  1. skyeyemx
    1943 SKY Schnellwagen
    Maybach motor
    12 L HL120 TRM Panzermotor auf 1,5 Ton Sportcoupé „Schnellwagen“

    So it's 1943, and you're asked by a German general with an itch for cars to build him a fast sports car. You've got the steel for it, but you don't have an engine. What do you do? Get one from a tank, of course!


    The 1943 SKY Schnellwagen was a sports coupe designed to use the massive 12-liter V12 Maybach HL120 TRM power unit, which was used in the mass-produced German Panzer IV tank. Being a tank engine, it has some rather unusual qualities.

    It produces just under 300 horsepower at 3000 RPM, but makes a whopping 650 lb-ft of torque at 1600 RPM. It is also a rather heavy engine, weighing down the front axle, so expect a bit of understeer when off the throttle.


    When on the throttle, however, be prepared as 12 liters of pure torque slide the rear wheels into a spin every time you floor it. It'll pull some sick drifts, however.


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