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1946 PMI Calliope Mk.I. 184 1.0

British early post-war sedan

  1. Private_Miros
    The 1946 PMI Calliope Mk.I. 184 was a one ton family car that marked the introduction of PMI on the British market. The car was simple and relatively cheap for the quality it offered and made using a pre-war chassis from local bankrupted industry, and an adapted wartime supply truck PMI inline-4 engine.

    The 1773cc highly over-square (73mmx106mm) engine, adapted to run on civilian grade leaded fuel, produced 52 horsepower (39 KiloWatt) and 120 Newton-meters (88,5 pound-feet) of torque. The well-tuned 3-speed manual made city and B-road driving enjoyable (final drive: 3:1; first: 2.80:1; second: 1.45:1; third 1:1), despite performance typical for the era.

    0-80 (0-50) was reached in only 12 seconds, and the 0-100 (0-61) times were well under 25 seconds. Top speed was sufficient for contemporary road conditions at 110 kph (68 mph).

    Other stats:
    Suspension: F: Solids; R: Solid Leaf Axle
    Engine: Cast Iron 1773cc I4 OHV-8, single barrel carburated
    Drivetrain: Front-engined rear-wheel-drive
    Weight: 1000kg
    Fuel Economy: 8.2l/100km (34.5 UK mpg) at 50 kph (30mph); 9.7l/100km (29 UK mpg) at 80 kph (50mph)
    Braking performance: 80-0 (50-0): 58 meters
    Wheels: F/R: P135/115C13 107Q

    (1947 PMI Calliope Mk.I. 226 with larger inline-6 engine can be requested in the comments.)


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