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1946 RER 146 Coupe 1.0

A German sports car designed for the track

  1. killercar34
    Back in the early 1940s, Dr. Hans Rüfenach of Stuttgart Germany was experimenting with multiple car designs in order to create the ultimate sports car for his country. His end result, the 146 Coupe, was the end result of Dr Rüfenach's sleepless nights. The 146 Coupe was the fastest 2 door coupe for sale at the time in Germany and dominated various racing championships around the country. Praised for being a timeless classic and a important part of racing history, the 146 is a priceless to car collectors and racing enthusiasts alike, and now one of the 146s are in your hands. Try not to wreck it, ok?


    1. RER146.png
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