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Alpha 1948 Fintray Roadster(April fools mod) 0.1419

An old British Roadster for BeamNG.drive, with a twist

  1. Blijo
    Before you get angry, this is not the real Fintray Roadster, just a FinTray :)

    This is what you get:

    As promised, I hereby release the alpha version of the Fintray Roadster.
    Probably not the best car mod out here currently but I made this from scratch and all by myself.
    Racing versions, normal versions and various extra parts are included already.
    I hope you enjoy this mod, I certainly enjoyed creating it.
    Let the pictures speak for themselves:

    screenshot_2019-03-31_13-44-49.png screenshot_2019-03-23_14-51-32.png screenshot_2019-02-04_17-36-04.png screenshot_2019-02-04_21-36-29.png

    Actual mod:

    Fintray, an old carmaker founded in the Hatton of Fintray.
    Originally founded to make cars for the famous hillclimb of Fintray, the onwers soon realised that they should make regular cars as well.
    On June the 25th they released the Roadster which proved to be a succes in the UK and a great succes in the US.
    Low weight and a low power output made this car very fun to drive. It was not very advanced, it looked somewhat dated but everyone loves the car and it is currently a classic with a lot of fans.
    So, have fun and try to get the most out of it :)

    @SergentFido for his help and insights/creating the textures and mesh improvements
    @synsol for being cool
    @Car_Killer for the hyping
    Me: Jbeam and mesh work

    And my testers of course :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. BryceSTP
    Version: 0.1419
    Love it, 11/10
  2. Gooopen
    Version: 0.1419
  3. WoodenAidenFischer
    Version: 0.1419
    Very good prank, nice work. It would still be cool if the real car got released, too.
  4. car guy 9millionth
    car guy 9millionth
    Version: 0.1419
    A master of true quality has shown us their works!
  5. Trastorno
    Version: 0.1419
    I could have not asked for a Fin Tray of higher quality
  6. Cutlass
    Version: 0.1419
    So much detail! I love the race version especially!
  7. william bunting
    william bunting
    Version: 0.1419
    its a good joke, but you should make another mod with the actual car. i was pretty exited to drive it...
  8. michael_zowski
    Version: 0.1419
  9. RB1:1
    Version: 0.1419
    i guess someone did not get the joke nice mod
  10. Tebon
    Version: 0.1419
    Is that car an actual thing tho? lol
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