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1950's Police Pack for the Burnside (Now w/Military Skins) 1.7

Nineteen 50's Era Paintjobs

  1. New Hampshire and South Carolina

    F150 Ranger
    This update adds 2 skins and presets, one for the New Hampshire State Police and one for the South Carolina Highway Patrol. For New Hampshire I had to go with a livery that isn't period correct for the 1950's as I could not find an image of what the crest looked like for those years. The one seen here has been in use since the early 1970's I think.
    nh.png sc.png
  2. Four new skins

    F150 Ranger
    This update includes skins and presets for the Toronto Metropolitan Police Accident Squad, City of Lincoln Park Police, Indiana State Patrol and Massachusetts State Police. Also doubled the resolution for the Iowa Highway Patrol skin. For future updates I will continue to go back and improve the skins that were released early in the pack that are in low resolution.

    toronto.png lincolnpark.png indiana.png mass.png
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  3. OPP Update

    F150 Ranger
    A small update for our friends to the north.:D
  4. Memorial Day Update - Army Skins

    F150 Ranger
    While they aren't police skins (except for maybe the MP), I thought it appropriate to post an update to this skin pack to include these three army skins in honor of Memorial Day.

    armymp.png army2.png army.png
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  5. Utah Highway Patrol

    F150 Ranger
    With the release of the Utah map for Drive it was time I made a skin for the Utah Highway Patrol. Enjoy!

  6. 2 New Skins - Michigan State Police and Detroit PD

    F150 Ranger
    By popular demand this update adds a Michigan State Police paintjob (in HD) as well as a Detroit PD paintjob as a bonus. This Michigan State Police livery is the version that's been in use since 1954 with only minor changes over the years. I will also make a skin for previous paintjob the Michigan State Police used, but it's going to be a bit tricky to make so it may take me a little while to get it right. In the meantime I hope you'll enjoy these two new skins!

    msp2.png ...
  7. Four new skins added for a total of six

    F150 Ranger
    This update adds paintjobs for the Illinois Highway Patrol, the Chicago PD, New York State Police, and Texas Highway Patrol. These were made based off of photos of their real life1950's counterparts.

    isp.png chicagopd.png nysp.png texas.png
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