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1952 НЕБО Светлана 1.0

A cost-cutting cheap Soviet car, designed with no rear shocks

  1. skyeyemx
    1952 НЕБО Светлана
    Basic trim & Off road buggy
    boing boing boing

    The 1952 НЕБО Светлана (SKY Svetlana in Latin lettering) is a cheap and lightweight Soviet car that cut costs to be as cheap as possible. As part of the cost-cutting, it lacks rear shock absorbers, with only minimal damping action on the part of wooden inserts in between the leaves of the leaf spring suspension.

    The vehicle's body panels are made of plastic, making them light and easy to deform and wobble. The frame is made of basic steel that is prone to rust.

    HighresScreenshot00168.png HighresScreenshot00167.png

    It runs on an 800cc inline-4 that produces 35 horsepower, capable of running on low-quality 76 AKI fuel. The full vehicle weighs just over 1300 pounds, so it is quite lightweight.

    This vehicle also comes with an off-road Baja variant with 95 AKI fuel, race cams, higher compression ratio, and thicker conrods, producing 76 horsepower. The off-road variant has a lifted suspension setup with large tyres, as well as spare wheels and foglights on the roof.
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