1955 Cutler-Randall Conquistador 1.2

1950's big American sedan available in different trims and some custom versions

  1. RY4NDY
    It's not really based on anything, although the name is taken from the 1960's car with the same name that appeared in Just Cause 1. It's also supposed to be a predecessor to the "2020 Cutler Conquistador" I've made and uploaded here some time ago: https://beamng.com/resources/2020-cutler-conquistador.14222/.

    It comes in 6 variants, from left to right: Standard - Deluxe - Deluxe Convertible - Police - Lowrider - Restomod.

    The stock models are available in 7 period-correct paint colors: Classic Brown, Flamingo Pink, Light Blue, Mint Green, Dew Yellow, Rocketship Red and Ranger Orange. (Flamingo Pink and Rocketship Red are only available on Deluxe models).


    Powered by a 255cu V8 making 119 hp, coupled to a 3-speed manual transmission.


    Powered by a 312cu V8 that makes 200 hp, and equipped with a 2-speed automatic transmission (which pretty much makes it perform worse as the Standard model, but hey, it's a special and luxurious new technology). Also the Deluxe edition has different chrome hubcaps, chrome trim on the sides, fender skirts covering the rear wheels and a two-tone paintjob.

    Deluxe Convertible

    Basically the same as the "normal" Deluxe version, but with a convertible roof instead of a fixed one.


    Based on the Standard edition, but with police accesoires and equipped with the bigger engine from the Deluxe version to give it some extra power for high-speed chases.


    Based of the Deluxe Convertible, and as such it has the same powertrain. The suspension has of course been lowered, and it has recieved various bodywork modifications such as: a custom billet grille, a custom front bumper, side exhausts, a continental kit, custom antennas and of course custom wheels. It has 2 "stock" colors listed, but since it's a custom car you should just put on whatever color you want. (A slight glitch, apparently caused by BeamNG version 0.20, has caused the bumpers/trim to become chrome in-game, even though they should've been gold. The car does completely function like it should in any other way, so it's just the thumbnail in the vehicle selector that's wrong now).


    A completely modified version, equipped with the turbocharged V8 out of a 2020 Cutler Conquistador Sports Sedan which makes 345 hp, and a 6-speed manual gearbox. It also has been upgraded with modern suspension, wheels, lights and stuff as well. Available in a variety of slightly different gray/black colors, and one "slightly more noticable" lime green color.

Recent Updates

  1. Christmas update
  2. Whitewall tires

Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.1
    Great pack! a lot of time has gone into it
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