1955 Cutler-Randall Conquistador 2.0

Big 1950's American sedan available in 6 factory trims and 2 custom versions

  1. RY4NDY

    It's not really based on anything in particular, although the name is taken from the 1960's car with the same name that appeared in Just Cause 1.

    It comes in 6 variants:
    • Standard
    • Deluxe
    • Deluxe Convertible (roof up)
    • Deluxe Convertible (roof down)
    • Hearse
    • Police Package
    • Lowrider
    • "Caddy Fat Cat".

    The factory models are available in 8 period-correct paint colors: Classic Brown, Flamingo Pink, Light Blue, Mint Green, Dew Yellow, Rocketship Red, Ranger Orange, and Royal Blue. (Flamingo Pink, Light Blue, and Rocketship Red are only available on Deluxe models).


    This, the cheapest version of the 1955 Cutler-Randall Conquistador comes equipped with a 255cu V8 engine coupled to a 3-speed manual gearbox.
    The interior is upholstered with a single-color cloth material, and it doesn't have a lot of equipment/luxuries available, besides the roomy seats and the great ride comfort of course!


    The Deluxe version has a more powerful 312cu V8 engine paired to a 2-speed automatic transmission.
    The exterior has received some changes to distinguish it from the Standard model, such as a two-tone paint job, rear arch covers, chrome striping on the front fenders, and whitewall tires.
    The interior has also gotten various luxuries added to it, such as two-tone leather upholstery, floor mats, and an AM/FM radio.

    Deluxe Convertible (roof up version)

    Basically the same as the other Deluxe model, but with a soft convertible roof rather than a fixed metal one. This one has it's roof closed.

    Deluxe Convertible (roof down version)

    Basically the same as the other Deluxe model, but with a soft convertible roof rather than a fixed metal one. This one has it's roof opened.


    A Deluxe variant with a lengthened roof and removed back seats, made to transport dead people.

    Police Package

    This police version is based on the Standard model, but with the 312cu V8 engine from the Deluxe models instead for some extra power.
    Equipped with police-related interior and exterior equipment, such as a spotlight, a lightbar, a CB radio, and a weapon holder.
    (Note: the spotlight can be turned on with the high-beams; on low-beam only the normal headlights light up)


    This Cutler-Randall Conquistador originally started out in life as a Deluxe hardtop model, but has been significantly modified at some point in the early 2000's.
    The 312cu V8 engine has been rebuilt and modernized with fuel injection for some extra power, and the old 2-speed automatic transmission that used to be coupled to it has been replaced by a modern 5-speed one.
    Both the exterior and the interior have had a lot of modifications done to them as well, such as custom bumpers, exhausts, xenon headlights, and pretty much all of the interior.

    "Caddy Fat Cat"

    A custom version inspired by the "Caddy Fat Cat" from the 1997 videogame "Carmageddon".
    Equipped with a completely new, much more powerful drivetrain which makes both the top speed and the acceleration match those it it has in Carmageddon.
    The exterior has of course also been modified to resemble the Caddy Fat Cat, and finally there's a highly detailed interior based on Carmageddon's cockpit view camera mode.

    All variants also have had some .jbeam/.json changes to add more features, such as:
    • Working first-person view.
    • A selection of "factory" colors to choose from, instead of the default blue/red/white/black alternate colors the Automation exporter generates by default.
    • Lots of info added for in the vehicle selection menu, such as the brand, country, body style, and performance stats (thanks to _N_S_'s great "Info_Generator" app)
    • Higher quality thumbnails, made using BeamNG's thumbnail generator.
    • Changed headlight color; the default bright white color Automation uses when exporting looks way too modern for a 1950's car, so I made them a bit more yellow-ish.


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    Version: 1.1
    Great pack! a lot of time has gone into it
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