Beta 1962 Burnistar Regent 1.0

More power, more savings, more luxury, and more style! -Burnistar 1962 TV Ad

  1. Rio_Grande
    Here at Burnistar, we are dedicated to living up to our motto of never stop improving!

    And for 1962, you can welcome new improvements to the Regent!

    More power: We tuned up our tried and tested 150ci 2.5L I6 up to
    70 Horsepower, and 100 ft.lbs of torque!

    More savings: Not only is the Regent priced up to $90 less than it's competitors, it also beats out the imports in optional equipment prices, truly an economical vehicle!

    More luxury: Burnistar has introduced a more refined experience into the automobile with the all new for 1962 Dyna-flite 2 speed automatic.

    More style: At launch in 1959 for the 1960 model year, we had criticism of the Regent looking dated, and rather vanilla. Say goodbye to those worries with chrome mirrors, window trim, windshield wipers, and other fancy appointments to insure a stylish night on the town!

    Burnistar, once again leading the way for America's automobiles!

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Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.0
    Almost downloaded all of your cars. I like em a lot. Talented!
    1. Rio_Grande
      Author's Response
      Thanks! i'm just spitballing ideas and posting them online lol!
  2. LightningDued5
    Version: 1.0
    2 speed automatic? Good job.

    Any car with a 2 - speed is legit
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