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Beta 1963 Ibishu Celtia 0.0.1

A notchback coupé by Ibishu, based off the Miramar.

  1. Ryo13silvia
    The 1950s through 60s was a fantastic time to be in Japan - the war had ended, and although scars were left to be seen, the country on the whole had a steadily climbing economy and increasingly advanced technology.

    At the height of this beautiful era came the Ibishu Celtia.

    Sharing basic components and suspension design with the Miramar, it came in a compact package with 22cm shorter wheelbase than the already small Miramar, but with a powerful carburetted I6 or a rotary engine ready to take on the mountain roads of Japan.

    A particular trim called the 240BX existed : It was an affordable version of the GTz with none of the fancy trim, and was so popular that it went on to become its own model.

    It also became a favourite of bosozoku and kaido racers at the time :

    It even took part in what was the inspiration behind these aggressively modified cars - Group 5 Silhouette.

    Media (thanks to all the content creators who make our days better!) :

    - WhyBeAre

    - Neilogical


    - UkDrifter

    Credits :
    - @D-Troxx : Wheels! All mod wheels in this car are from his almighty wheel pack. Without him, this mod wouldn't look half as good as how it is now! It is also thanks to him that I learnt to mod in the first place.

    - @Logan Oram Feltham : 3D model creation, and a whole TON of ideas!

    - @shantofficiel : Permission to use the WideFap name, albeit in a slightly disguised form.

    - @pokidots : The wonderful air filter model for the burnout configuration!

    - @Kueso : Permission to use the rotary engine from WBIMP. Go check it out if you haven't already!

    - @NooKNooK272 : Exhaust models and general help! More parts by him will be jbeamed in the future.

    - @OMAMEGAMES【豆】 and all the fellas in the BeamNG Japan discord server : All the fabulous ideas, and the Celtia name!
    - @Yuko~chan For her absolute charm and mental support!

    Missed you in credits? DM me please, I hate to forget people in credits but I'm forgetful

    Have fun!

    P.S. My beloved Russians, If you reupload this, YOU OWE ME A COFFEE. I WILL FIND YOU. AND I WILL MAKE YOU BUY ME ONE.


    1. screenshot_2020-08-01_09-52-23.png
    2. screenshot_2020-07-24_22-15-11.png
    3. screenshot_2020-07-25_21-41-12.png
    4. screenshot_2020-07-24_21-16-41.png
    5. screenshot_2020-08-01_09-52-23.png
    6. screenshot_2020-08-01_21-50-19.png
    7. screenshot_2020-08-04_16-08-45.png

Recent Reviews

  1. stale
    Version: 0.0.1
    good overall, creative idea and solid execution!
    body style needs some tweaks (needs a more dramatic notchback end, widened rear hatch would help the appearance out, rework the rear lamps and some rough edges)
    i've made some mediocre ps edits to it, if you want me to dm them i can since i dont know if you can attach images in these
  2. Capkirk
    Version: 0.0.1
    This is pretty creative and looks nice, it reminds me of NinetyNine's Miramar Z. It's kinda stubby, but so were lots of classic Japanese muscle cars (although personally I think it should've kept the Miramar's wheelbase). The biggest problem is the roofline, it still flares out like it's a sedan, but immediately cuts back in for the fastback. If it was narrower and lower profile, I think the styling would be almost perfect.

    The filesize is also incredibly huge, that could use some optimization.
  3. MEM756
    Version: 0.0.1
    This car is awesome! Really remembers me to the Datsun 120 Cherry coupe, Well done!
  4. ktheminecraftfan
    Version: 0.0.1
    Styling seems out of wack and the age range seems wrong. 1970 to 1978 would be more appropriate. oh and a handful of the piston engine variants have overheating problems.
  5. mtslittow
    Version: 0.0.1
    The mod needs considerable file size optimization, I think. All configs I tested had a little too much front brake bias. The handling could use some polish overall.
  6. TheRustyRagdoll
    Version: 0.0.1
    Fantastic Mod! We needed something like this.
    But you could've just asked me for my Rotary sounds (even though they're not yet FMOD ready) and help with the Rotary stuff seeing as i'm the Rotary guy here in the forums.
    Also, there's no such thing as Heavy Duty Rotors. This is why you needed my help lmao

    Great work though!
  7. VolvoS60Polestar
    Version: 0.0.1
    Been waiting for a 60's Japanese sports car mod for a while, and I must say, besides a few kinks (mentioned in other ratings) it is an absolutely beautiful mod and overall great mod!
  8. 16PiXel-Dude
    Version: 0.0.1
    good, but please do something else with the taillights...
    they are ugly asf
  9. Alex_Farmer557
    Version: 0.0.1
    proportions are weird, model is bad in places, silhouette kit looks like it's been stolen from a much wider car, silhouette wing looks awful, there's no window seals, and the file is really unoptimised
  10. AnIrishDerp
    Version: 0.0.1
    Very very good mod!!
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