1970 Hammer GT 1.1

426 HP, 428 CUI V8 Premium Edition

  1. MinigunMan1
    Big, 2-ton American built steel muscle car
    Makes 426 horsepower from a 7.0 litre DOHC V8
    In 1968, Hammer Automotive Industries rolled their first model off the line: the Hammer Magna Sedan. It was a quite successful car, but people were begging for a high performance version. Their wishes would come true when a coupe variant was released in 1969, making 320 horsepower. In 1970, however, the true performance version, the GT, was finally finished, and sold well.


    1. screenshot_00007HammerGT.jpg
    2. screenshot_00005HammerGT.jpg

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  1. 1970 Hammer GT
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