1970 Severin SV7 1.0

A zippy French front-wheel drive from the 60's.

  1. Secrane
    Paris, 1970.

    Wine, romantic music, and the sound of a small inline-4 engine screaming around as the front-wheel drive Severin SV7 flies around the corners - who knew so much fun could come in such a small package?


    Originally introduced in 1966, the SV7 was the largest Severin passenger vehicle ever when new. Still, measuring in at just under 4 meters long in total, it's by all means a compact car. A facelift was introduced in 1970, which flushed the headlights with the body. Additionally, it made the car more aerodynamically inclined and somewhat more efficient. It proved popular, and became a hit both in the compact markets in both Europe and America.

    The SV7 weighs just 800kg, and is powered by a 1.2L I4 engine producing 57 horsepower. It's capable of a top speed just over 150 km/h (90 mph). What it's really made for though, is tight corners and narrow city streets. This also means it's not geared for highway driving - it's got a 5-speed manual, so you can take it on the highway, but expect high rpms!

    I hope you have fun with this one - I recommend taking it to Italy, or another place with tight and narrow roads.

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