1971 Otnas Kucing - The Little Car That Could 1.5

Otnas' first love

  1. Small Tweaks

    Small Tweaks. Removed 2 colours.
  2. Update 3 - Small Rework

    Small rework. Now includes interchangeable flywheels, shorter fifth gear ratio in the 5-speed manual box, and better tires
  3. Big Update! Tuning Update!

    In this update, the Otnas Kucing received a few updates to improve users driving experience. You can now change engine blocks, switch airboxes, add supercharger, apply nitrous, change gearboxes and differentials. You can also change its brakes too to improve your braking distance. Most importantly, the whole suspension geometry of the Otnas Kucing has been changed to improve stability and drivability, so its less a hassle to drive one since stability issues has been solved. Big thanks to...
  4. Update 2 - Light Transmission Fixes

    This update is meant to fix some issues that limits the Otnas Kucing to reach its advertised top speed easily. Issues fixed with a slightly changed fifth gear ratio
  5. Update 1 - Limited Slip Differential Fix

    The Kucing had a problem on its aftermarket limited-slip differentials in the previous version. Problem fixed in this update!
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