Beta 1972-1976 DM Dreamer 1.0

A Cheap Luxury Barge that has a unusual engine

  1. devo343
    The DM Dreamer is a cheap luxury cruiser built for people who dont have a lot of money but still want luxury it features typical luxury things Fancy Seats Entertainment systems a 70S TV and so on it also features a unusal engine a Diseal 6 litre V10{doesnt act like on just low revs} it produces around 220 HP this thing is a little sluggish but will still pull the MPG was decent for a 70s heavy car 13-15 MPG you can push it to 16 if your easy on it screenshot_00042.png


    1. screenshot_00045.png
    2. screenshot_00044.png
    3. screenshot_00043.png
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