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1972 Gavril Bandit 1.0

"A blast from the past"

  1. Atomix
    This is the Gavril Bandit from RoR by gabester, taken and refined by me. The car is very different from its original state, it is now unibody with a front subframe while the RoR version was full body on frame with a full front subframe. Other mechanical changes have been made in the suspension and otherwise, including general model refinement have been done, too, however it still retains its muscular 70's performance pony coupe visage.

    gabester - original Gavril Bandit models and textures from RoR
    BeamNG - Barstow jbeam and models, deeply customized
    Atomix - Porting and general refinement
    Also thanks to everyone who has been helping me with it, bringing tips or just testing.


    I tried to make it as good as possible, it should utilize most if not all the game features, I've put long time into making it a proper mod, so i hope it paid off.
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Recent Reviews

  1. SuperAgentAlex
    Version: 1.0
    I love this mod
    -1 star because it's a bit on the older side, still uses ancient V8 sound, and the glass has no material. Still, good mod bro
  2. CocoKitty
    Version: 1.0
    Good Deformation, and looks really nice and unique. Only thing that can be improved is number of skins, and that doesn't matter too much
  3. B3_Burner
    Version: 1.0
    I love this car! The front grille has that huge quad headlight carnivorous look that was so prevalent in the late 60's / early 70's. The front grille reminds me of my old 1968 Ford Galaxie, even if that was not your original intent. However the taillights-- decidedly not so.
    Curious... is there a version of this car with hideaway headlights? Because I could swear I saw in in someone's pics on the forum.
  4. amy elliott
    amy elliott
    Version: 1.0
  5. killercar34
    Version: 1.0
    10/10 Would crash again
  6. Wealer_AE86 Dealers
    Wealer_AE86 Dealers
    Version: 1.0
    Its great
  7. max09
    Version: 1.0
  8. Spiicy
    Version: 1.0
    I wish the other ROR cars could be made, BUT gabe does not really want that, Good work I enjoy this mod a lot!
  9. RailroadGamer15
    Version: 1.0
    One of my favorite cars. Great model and crash physics.
  10. Dean Wang
    Dean Wang
    Version: 1.0
    maybe a 6 speed ?
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