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1974 AFM Hellfire GT 1.0

Luxurious Muscle

  1. killercar34
    The 1974 AFM Hellfire GT was a combination of Muscle and Luxury aimed to please those who wanted something along the lines of a Moonhawk Sport or Barstow Roadsport but was so old and brittle that trying to turn the steering wheel without power steering would be enough to dislocate their hand or break their wrist. Powered by the 329hp Twin Carb 5.6L V8 dubbed the "Muscle-Luxe" coupled to a 5 speed manual transmission that shifts as smooth as silk and has a clutch as light as a feather. This Gold and White 4200 pound steel rectangle may be slower then a tuned Covet, but the person behind the wheel will probably be happy with the fact that they can go over 100mph one last time before being put into the back of a Eulogy.


    1. AFMHellfireGT.png

Recent Reviews

  1. zalutskiy2005
    Version: 1.0
    Fantastic exterior!
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