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Experimental 1975 Gavard Rebel 1.0

Show your rebellious side, and buy a Gavard Rebel today!

  1. Rio_Grande
    A project I was never able to finish, as I could never work out the suspension, so i made a few last tweaks and decided to post it.

    Gavard took notice of Rear engine cars being used in racing, and decided to develop an all American rear mounted, rear engine car for the street.

    They took the chassis of their discontinued economy car, the Regent, and gave it radical styling and changed the engine mounts for the back of the car.

    The engine is a 263ci 4.3L Boxer 6, making 325hp, and 270 lbs. of torque, backed by a 4 speed manual.

    Model years: 1971-1977

    screenshot_2019-03-26_04-21-12.png screenshot_2019-03-26_04-24-52.png screenshot_2019-03-26_04-29-01.png screenshot_2019-03-26_04-34-32.png screenshot_2019-03-26_04-37-07.png
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