Beta 1978 Ibishu Covet RS 1.0

Peppy 70s hatch.

  1. 2020CorollaXSE__
    It is 1978 Ibishu just released the brand new Covet in 75' and in the year of 1977 Some people spotted a 2 Door Covet model with rad styling and an RS badge on the side then on June 17th 1978 The Covet RS was revealed and would go onsale in the fall of 78' This car became one of the most popular cars in Japan and the US and Europe. It sold from 78 and 81 now some pics finally. upload_2021-9-28_18-23-20.png upload_2021-9-28_18-23-32.png upload_2021-9-28_18-27-0.png upload_2021-9-28_18-27-15.png upload_2021-9-28_18-28-5.png upload_2021-9-28_18-30-56.png upload_2021-9-28_18-28-36.png upload_2021-9-28_18-32-8.png
    Colors are Red Orange (You have to make it youreself) Blue Black White upload_2021-9-28_18-32-54.png
    And grey!
    upload_2021-9-28_18-33-21.png upload_2021-9-28_18-33-31.png upload_2021-9-28_18-34-24.png


    1. image_2021-09-28_183544.png

Recent Reviews

  1. OldTimersGaming
    Version: 1.0
    I really like it, especially the look of the front.
  2. mhegai
    Version: 1.0
    No and yes at the same time
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