1980 Serpent Inferno Medium 2.0

An American van from the 80's.

  1. Secrane

    The 1980 Serpent Inferno isn't anything super special - it's a van, fitted with a V8 engine mated to an automatic transmission. Basically, it was meant to be a work vehicle. This one is the "Medium", meaning medium-wheelbase, medium-duty.

    Built cheap and durable, the Inferno enjoyed success and became somewhat of a cult classic, especially after being featured in the 1980's TV-hit "The B-Team". Furthermore, it became a popular "russebil" in Norway - a popular way of celebrating graduating High School is to buy an older American van, usually with a V8, painting it red and using it as a party bus of sorts.


    It's not super fast, but then again, it doesn't really have to be. It's comfy, durable, utilitarian yet has the aggressive look which makes it a Serpent icon. Take it for a roll, hopefully you'll enjoy it too!

    Known issues;
    - No doorcards
    - Seats fall out after hard crashes (I think this is a fixture problem)

    Thank you for driving my cars!

Recent Updates

  1. Lighting Update!
  2. Tow hook addition

Recent Reviews

  1. IDK158
    Version: 2.0
    free candy time
  2. ILoveOldCars
    Version: 1.0
    I Love old American vans and this mod is just for me
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