1980's Ibishu 300BX V0.85

Hot Hatchback from the 80's outrun and miami sunsets era

  1. 300BX Expansion package

    Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
    Hello everyone! I have an update adding a multitude of things from boost gauges to lowriders which are all described here:

    What was made free:

    zenki headlight covers
    turbo dashes with boost gauges
    worn suspension
    beater config
    50th Anniversary edition config
    haruda's Z config
    Lowrider Config
    Stance Config

    Enjoy and let me know if there's any bugs!
  2. Minor Cosmetic Update

    Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
    Hello everyone! I have a minor update for you all, here is the changelog:
    • redone windows

    • fixed mirrors

    • Proper Ibishu logo
    • fixed exterior shading on fenders and front end

    • cleaned up and corrected front bumpers to a more accurate look

    • remade some old meshes that were forgotten

    • Made front tension rod bushing slightly stiffer and not 35 year old rubber

    • added missing rear antenna base and fixed small details

    • updated carpet texture
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