Beta 1981 Opel Kadett D 1.6S / Vauxhall Astra A 1.6S 1.0

Opel Kadett D / Vauxhall Astra A with the 1.6S engine

  1. Ralph M.
    Hi! This is actually my old mod, I made on my older account, Ralph THE GAMER, so please don't report it for reposting.
    1598cc, 90 hp, top speed: 170 km/h, 0-100 km/h in 12 sec, 960 kg, 3.88 m long, 1.63 m wide.
    If you find any bugs / glitches please let me know and I'll change it as soon as possible.


    1. screenshot_2019-11-25_18-17-41.png
    2. screenshot_2019-11-25_18-20-16.png
    3. screenshot_2019-11-25_18-22-14.png
    4. screenshot_2019-11-25_18-22-25.png
    5. screenshot_2019-11-25_18-22-38.png
    6. screenshot_2019-11-25_18-22-57.png
    7. screenshot_2019-11-25_18-28-39.png
    8. screenshot_2019-11-25_18-28-54.png
    9. screenshot_2019-11-25_18-30-38.png
    10. screenshot_2019-11-25_18-32-47.png
    11. screenshot_2019-11-25_18-33-00.png
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