1982 Ibishu Earth Rider 1.0

Rugged, tough, reliable and is a beast on

  1. Revhead Gaming
    In the early 80s, Ibishu saw that Gavril had tons of success with their SUV D-Series varients (D10 Charro models). They saw that the US market likes to have big SUVs that can be practical but also have high torque engines and good suspension for going down the trail on the weekends. Ibishu thought they could make something like the D10 Charro that would be just as successful, or more! Ibishu also knew that Australia at the time had large demand for reliable and rugged offroad/farm vehicles. As soon as they released their large SUV to the consumer market, it was an instant hit! the ultra durable turbo-diesel Inline 6 would be enough for any hauling job and the leaf spring live axle suspension in the front and rear made it perfect for rock-crawling. It became an Australian farmer's favourite. It also hit the US pretty well too, with 100,000 being sold in the first year of its production. The first generation of Ibishu Earth Rider was in production for another 10 years before a new generation replaced it. Ibishu sold a total of 20,000,000 first generation units.

    Here is the link to my YT video where I show the process of how I created the car in Automation and road tested it in BeamNG for any faults:


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