1. Intel iGPU (6xx series) crashes
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Unsupported 1983 H-Series 1.55

Get your towing on with a muscle V8!

  1. Fixed configs thumbnail

    Forgot license plates and new thumbnails.
  2. High roof, engine sounds and more.

    This is the first update to this mod, and alot has been changed!

    New features
    New engine sounds
    Better interior including bench seat, door panels and steering wheel.
    Engine now has an older style sound to it.
    High roof body.
    Better mirrors!
    Lowbeam and Highbeam glowmaps.
    Alternate front (No config for it, have to select manually)

    Bug Fixes

    H20 config was too modern.
    Gauges are now accurate
    Gauges now light up
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