1983 Iskra Supercoupé 2.0

A retro Italian 2+2 supercar with an American V8 engine.

  1. Secrane
    In 1973, the fuel crisis hit the world. It lasted through the 70's and 80's, and put a dent in the sports-and supercar market so big it was hard to ignore.

    Still, some stood tall, on shaky foundations. One of them was the Iskra Supercoupé.

    Originally introduced in 1970, the Supercoupé became Iskra's flagship after the Mitica. It was continously updated with both body kits and internal upgrades through the 70's and all the way till 1985, when production ended due to a lack of funds.

    This 1983 model is fitted with a 6.0 Serpent V8 engine, producing 310 horsepower. Iskra had long been known for using Serpent's V8s, and the Supercoupé was no different. It weighs in at 1435kg, and has four plush seats along with all the equipment you could ever dream of in the 80's. Still, with 310 ponies it's no slouch - combined with a geared differential and a 5-speed manual, it's a real runner both in a straight line and through corners. That being said, it's still a classic car, so it can get rowdy if you don't treat it right.

    This one is a lot of fun to cruise in and to throw around, it seems to enjoy hard driving.

    The BeamNG version has open headlights, the photos here show them closed.

    I hope you enjoy!


    1. IskraSupercoupe2.jpg

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