1984-1999 Senet Sima 1.0

A small italian economy hatchback, influenced by the Fiat Uno and Panda

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The 1984-1999 Senet Sima was Senets entry level car in that time period. It was really popular as it was cheap, durable and roomy for its small footprint. It was produced under license until 2005, but only for 3rd world markets.
    screenshot_2021-09-11_16-04-56.png screenshot_2021-09-11_16-04-41.png screenshot_2021-09-11_16-04-34.png
    The base model was the 39hp, carburated 1000ce. It had a 1.0l single carb fourcylinder engine and a 4speed manual gearbox with really short gearing so it moves at all. Powerful enough if you only drive in cities though. But has no punch at all below 3000rpm and above 5000rpm.
    The ce was only sold until 1995 in europe, but longer in other markets.
    The 1000ce also has no catalytic converter, no synchronised reverse gear, no right mirror, no fog lights, no power steering, no electronic locks, no headrests or even good seats... or even a proper front grille.

    screenshot_2021-09-11_16-07-05.png screenshot_2021-09-11_16-07-15.png
    (just look at this engine and how it just isn't carburated)
    The 1000 ie is the same thing and has the same amount of nothing. BUT it has a single point electronic fuel injection system and a 2way catalytic converter. Hence the name ie (=iniezione elettronica). So it has just more torque in general but also a certain (although really small) punch if you rev it really high. This was the best selling version with its 53hp. It is good enough for use as a city car, a bit better than the ce version an can be used better outside of the city or even a highway (warning: short gearing, 4speeds and the small engine on a highway makes bad fuel consumption and really noisy experience)

    The 1200ie luxe is a luxury version of the Sima, made to appeal to people that want this not just as a city car but drive more and just want a small car that costs not much, but doesn't need to be that cheap either.
    The 1200ie has a right mirror, actual seats with headrests, a better gearbox with 5 speeds so it can be driven on a highway without it being out of place, it had an optional AC unit, an optional sunroof (thats really tiny), fog lights, an actual grille in front, a 65hp engine that enables it to drive like a normal car thats not underpowered. It also has a trailer jack. Recomemnded maximum trailer weight: 750kg. I am not accountable if you attach more than grandpas garden trash for the compost, a few bikes or a small trailer with a washing machine.

    If you wanted your small hatchback to be sporty, or wanted a somewhat sporty car but had a tiny garage or lived inside the historical part of an italian city with narrow af roads... The 1400ieS is the car for you!
    screenshot_2021-09-04_20-58-07.png screenshot_2021-09-04_20-58-26.png screenshot_2021-09-04_20-58-35.png screenshot_2021-09-04_20-58-48.png
    screenshot_2021-09-11_15-48-22.png screenshot_2021-09-11_15-48-32.png
    It ahs a sportier suspension, better tires (altough still narrow and... well 80s tires) and a whopping 91hp with the 5 speed gearbox. It had a proper grille, the good front seats and a right hand mirror too. This example has the luxe pack though, so it has basically the same trim as the 1200ie luxe, except the trailer jack.

    If the 1400ie with it's 91 hp wasn't powerful enough and you wanted to buy basically a mass produced Senet prototype/experiment from 1985 onwards they sold the TURBO.
    All Turbos are 1400ieS luxe pack based, all are black, have the distinctive turbo rims on them and feature a 1400ieS engine, but upgraded with a multi point fuel injection system and a turbo charger, giving you 137hp and 200 NM of torque. Only produced until 1993, when demand slowed down.
    screenshot_2021-09-04_20-59-17.png screenshot_2021-09-04_20-59-55.png screenshot_2021-09-04_21-00-11.png screenshot_2021-09-04_21-00-26.png screenshot_2021-09-04_21-00-40.png screenshot_2021-09-11_15-50-54.png screenshot_2021-09-11_15-51-03.png screenshot_2021-09-11_15-51-13.png


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