1985 Chivog CV 1.0

French city car/small hatchback, four versions from base to sport

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The Chivog CV was a cheap, small hatchback made in france from 1985 to 1996, with a facelift in 92. This is pre facelift. The basic construction is a modernised frame from 1972. Also, it is really aerodynamic and the designers kept the weight really low (saves fuel and production cost). Safety is kinda low though. Don't roll it. Just don't. Really, you'll die if you do so.

    Because this is the 80s version, the base Model is the CV14 (the CV12 isn't inclueded and was only sold in some markets with 50hp)
    The CV14 has a 1.4l carbureted engine with 71hp, coupled to a long geared (saves fuel) 4speed manual. As a base version, it has the frame of its 1970s predecessor with just the front and rear axles modernised, but without any strut bars or reinforcement of the frame.
    The topspeed is about 210kph (yes, really!)

    The CV16, here in the trim level "lux" has a 1.6l fuel injected engine and a five speed manual, better seats, a bit of chrome here and there, a rear wiper, and better sound dampening. Also, it has a front strut bar to reduce body roll, as the frame is really prone to that.
    The engine has 99hp and the car has a topspeed of about 230kph. The fifth gear makes this one even suitable for highway/autobahn driving at higher speed and even with just 99hp, the left lane isn't out of option with this car.

    If you wanted a hot hatch, Chivog offered the GSI model, of course with the 80s style vinyl decals that are also on Chivogs rally cars at the time.
    The GSI makes a whopping 130hp from its tuned 1.6 engine. Also, it sound sporty and is really fast. The GSI has sport seats, no rear wiper to save weight, a sportier suspension and will top out at 252kph, which is 2kph faster, than most Mercedes or BMWs as they are limited to 250kph.
    Just don't crash at that speed^^
    It is reinforced in front and back

    screenshot_2021-01-10_13-30-54.png screenshot_2021-01-10_13-30-16.png

    Because of the low weight, low center of gravity (weak roof though) and quirky engine, Tuner ZUN saw potential in the little CV and made this version. Its purpose isn't topspeed, it is acceleration. As fast as possible from 20kph to 120kph and back to 20, whilst staying below 2l displacement and below 200hp in order to meet hillclimb class regulations. ZUN offered it to multiple enthusiast who used it on amateur and even professional hillclimb runs and championships until the rules were changed in the early 2000s.
    ZUN reduced the weight of the car, for example with a "sport-dashboard", increased the displacement to 1999cc, installed a turbo charger to get around 190hp and a whopping 300NM of torque out of the engine and installed an aerodynamics kit. Because of the rallye style gearbox, the topspeed is "only" 225kph and you need to shift constantly. The way you drive is: blast from corner end to next corner beginning, slow down, take turn, blast till next corner" The car has na lot of understeer, but if it'd be rwd it'd have a lot of oversteer which would also be an issue. And the rear tires are a bit narrower than the front ones and you CAN slide its lightweight back if you want to and know how to drive this thing, It takes a while to get used to it but on for example the stairway mountain map, it makes a lot of fun to drive.
    screenshot_2021-01-10_13-27-54.png screenshot_2021-01-10_13-28-12.png screenshot_2021-01-10_13-28-19.png


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