1986-1987 Gavril H-Series 2.1.2

The forgotten one

  1. uv fix

    -Improved uvs to fit vanilla skins better
  2. fixes

    - Removed festive content
    - Improved plastic textures
  3. Festive Update

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Added 2 new configs:
    • Santa's Delivery Van
    • The Compensator
    Fixed a couple of smaller issues related to jbeam
    Improved uv maps

    P.S you are free to use and add the nose to your mods, no credit needed :D

  4. improvements and fixes

    • Fixed one sided part of the fenders
    • Improved UV mapping
    • Improved hood and fender jbeam
  5. cache

    forgot to add cache to the initial release, my bad
  6. Remastered

    A full remaster of the mod, everything was jbeamed, textured and remodelled.
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