1986 SKY Javelin V8 1.0

The no-compromises, 450 horsepower front wheel drive American supercar

  1. skyeyemx
    1986 SKY Javelin
    The only FWD that actively tries to kill you.

    The 1988 SKY Javelin V8 is an American-built '80s supercar, with an engine so big that it wouldn't fit at first, and we had to jury-rig a scoop over the intake manifolds.


    It runs on a 6-liter DOHC naturally aspirated, fuel-injected, transverse V8 engine, pushing 450 horsepower through the front wheels. Yes, front wheels. The car was supposed to be a concept FWD sports car, but the public loved it so much and we had so little money that we decided to put it into production.


    Remember; this thing is front wheel drive. Taking it to the track requires special tactics; use the handbrake on any meaningful turn, slide the back out, point at the apex, then floor it with all you've got. That'll give you better lap times, because 65% front weight distribution means you'll be too busy understeering to get decent lap times using the conventional method.


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