1987-1995 Scarpa 43 1.0

Scarpas Model for the US market.

  1. PlayKoyote24
    In the 80s and early 90s, Scarpa used the big V8 and V12 engines only in the big flagship sport cars and the Ledano.
    The entry models were changed to smaller engines, like the Scarpa Tenero, the entry level coupe that was popular in europe because it was sporty and looked american. It used small turbo engines because of luxury tax laws in italy at the time.

    But in the US, people wanted big engines and exotic styling. So whilst the 43 is as big as the small tenero, it is technically closer to a really short two door Ledano. It also has only two seats. The rear "seats" are a parcel shelf.
    It uses the 4.3 l V8 from the Ledano, because this is a car made for america, and: It isn't mid engined but front engined. Because it isn't a small midengined sports car but rather a GT or boulevard cruiser pretending to be a sports car.
    The closest describtion would be a muscle car made by italians.
    It looks like a competitor for the Lamborghini Jalpa or the Ferrari 345/348... but it only is on paper. Americans complained about the comfort and clunkyness of those models, so scarpa will sell you a relatively affordable (since it only uses old tech), exotic looking and italian made car, that is just like an american car. They observed the market really well. You could buy a car that looked like a ferrari for the price of a Porsche. But you'd actually get a better built, fast Mustang...
    Scarpa also sold its "real" sports cars in the US but they were more expensive.
    The car was avaiable as the 43E with 300hp, the 43SE with 350hp and better handling and....
    screenshot_2022-01-08_17-22-42.png screenshot_2022-01-08_17-22-51.png screenshot_2022-01-08_17-23-08.png
    ... As the 43 TS. It has Turbos, beause late 80s/early 90s. Cars like the Diablo ahd more power (at a higher price of course) so Scarpa tried to sell the 43 TS as a cheaper alternative. It made ridiculous amounts of power for the frame it's based on, has way too much turbo lag, way too much torque, tries to kill you constantly and sold really poorly.
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