1987-1999 Malpensa Chiara 1.0

Malpensas interesting compact hatchback with two trunks and a rear engine

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The Malpensa Chiara was Malpensas take on the VW Golf, but is still a typical Malpensa. meaning: rear mounted Boxer engine. Not too different from the VW Beetle, but way more modern in its execution since Malpensa updates this layout til today.
    And yes, they made a rear engined hatchback. You have a trunk above the engine and you have in front. The radiator is really compact and efficiently behind the engine, therefore the overhang at back. Also, Malpensa developd a suspension setup taht allows you to load up to 750kg into the car (not recommended though!!) (the RSi has a conventional setup for more sportiness!) so you can actually use two trunks and five seats. The rear passengers do have enouigh space and legroom, but sit relatively far forward in the car as the engine is behind them and can't be moved further back because radiator... so the door situation is awkward, but you can get used to it.
    The engines ranged from 1.4l 8V to a 2.3l 16V Turbo with awd.

    The basic 1400 is... basic. It has a 4 speed manual, rwd no extras and not much power. However, it's lightweight and enough for driving in town. Also, it has a small turning circle.
    The 1700 was just a bit more expensive than the 1400 and the most popular variant, as it has a gear more and the same engine with longer stroke, creating more torque so the thing actually moves after putting people inside of it.
    screenshot_2021-12-11_20-59-43.png screenshot_2021-12-11_20-59-54.png
    If you wanted better trim and more power, you opted for the 1600Si.
    Featuring a 16V Si engine, it had more power than the 1700 and felt a bit sportier. But not much. It's just more premium and has a better engine.

    screenshot_2021-12-11_21-00-27.png screenshot_2021-12-11_21-00-45.png screenshot_2021-12-11_21-01-48.png
    If you wanted more power and awd, the 200Si was the car for you. It's a sporty NA engine with 160hp and nice sound, awd , improved setup and better handling.

    screenshot_2021-12-11_22-05-08.png screenshot_2021-12-11_22-05-19.png
    If you wanted a sporty, turbo charged experience: The Chiara Turbo has a biturbo charged 200Si engine making 190hp. It features awd and again slight better handling.

    By messing around with the turbo configuration and increasimng the engine bore, the engineers created the Turbo RSi in an attempt to squeeze more power out of the regular Turbo. The CEO of malpensa really liked the car and allowed them to built it.
    The BiTurbo charged, high compression, 2.3L engine has a free flowing exhaust and more boost. It creates 250hp. Also, the Turbo RSi has a more conventional and sportier ride.

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  1. Hunter Atkins
    Hunter Atkins
    Version: 1.0
    Love unique builds like this, beautiful, can’t wait to see more
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the five stars, happy that you like it

      I am building a second generation to this^^
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