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1987 Gavard c-100 (Custom) 1.0

Heavily modified 230 MPH race truck, features a race-spec v12.

  1. Rio_Grande
    A fun project of mine, I took styling cues from my other mod, the 1995 Gavard c-100, and swapped everything out for performance parts, turning it into a race truck!

    Featuring a 270ci (4.4 liter) V12, making 1630 horsepower at 7700 RPM.

    Torque rating's are 1120 ft.lbs at 7200 RPM.

    The engine is Twin turbocharged, and can rev up to 12 thousand RPM.

    Features a 6 speed manual, with AWD and a 230 MPH top speed, it runs a 9.7 1/4 mile at 150 mph.

    Ratings are appreciated!
    screenshot_2019-07-22_13-59-30.png screenshot_2019-07-22_13-55-43.png screenshot_2019-07-22_13-55-54.png screenshot_2019-07-22_13-56-00.png
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