1988 Exegy Motors Astron V6 minivan 1.0

that vacuum cleaner looking van your uncle moves couches in.

  1. hellacat
    the 1988 Exegy Astron! new with a cutting edge VFD dash and a personal voice assistant! (requires optional rear mounted ibm model 30 to operate 5000$) 200 foot long paralel cable included to sync assistant with ibm pc compatible computers! (requires pcdos 2.0)
    this cutting edge car features cheap but soft suspension, 9 seats and a compact disk player standard! the DOHC 3L V6 engine was done by ibishu for maximum import performance in an American built wagon. it is simply the best of ALL worlds.
    it has a 4 speed automatic attached to a 3l DOHC 24V V6 making 165hp
    one of the few cars ive made on automation. hope you likey! ;)
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