1988 Otnas Kucing Esprit W4 - Turbocharged Hooligan 2.4

Turbo Hatch with Supercar Capabilities

  1. Update 6 - Torque Vectoring Update

    In this update, I updated the torque vectoring program again to imrpove drivability of the Otnas Kucing Esprit W4. Two torque vectoring modes out of four are removed since they cause a lot of understeer.
  2. Update 5 - Flywheel Update!

    Since Automation cars lack flywheel on their powertrains, I have decided to give the car a flywheel so you can have a more precise throttle control and smoother engine! Enjoy!
  3. Update 4 - Tuning Update!

    In this update, the Otnas Kucing Esprit W4 received a few updates to improve users driving experience. You can now change engine blocks (maybe make it put out 800hp+), change turbochargers, change gearboxes and differentials. I have separated the Quadvector torque vectoring module into a separate part so you can add Quadvector to cars that aren’t equipped with it. Most importantly, the whole suspension geometry of the Otnas Kucing Esprit W4 has also been changed to improve stability and...
  4. Update 3 - Suspension Rework, Sphinx-RA model!

    For this update, I have given the suspension a rework to enhance stability since the car pulls into one side under braking. This is fixed by fixing the toe settings of the suspension!

    Also, we have added a new sub-trim that is called 'Sphinx-RA' which was produced for Group A 4000cc homologation model which features a 2.35 litre engine that produces 370hp and 509Nm of torque which allows you to reach 100km/h in just 3.6 seconds!
  5. Update 2 - Revamped interior, Changed Thumbnail Pictures, and Downforce

    Hello! For this update I've revamped the interior since there's some area that is uncovered which doesn't look really pleasant. I also changed the thumbnail pictures to make them look better in the menu! The last thing I did for this update, I revamped the downforce to make it a bit more stable in high speeds.

  6. Update 1 - Interior, updated Quadvector, Adaptive Suspension!

    For this update, the Otnas Kucing Esprit W4 recieves a lot updates into it. The update includes an interior, updated Quadvector system, adaptive dampers and sway bars with multiple drive modes (Thanks to Endfinity of Automation Discord for the help). This improves driving experience of the Otnas Kucing Esprit W4 so you should have this update! Warning: The filename has changed so it is highly recommended for you to delete the first version of the Kucing Esprit W4 if you have.
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