1989 Di Inferi Pardus Evo II 2.0

A sporty Italian rally-oriented hatchback from the 80's.

  1. Secrane
    The Di Inferi Pardus is a series of passenger vehicles produced by Di Inferi. Originally only planned as a successor to the successful Di Inferi R369 Group B, it over time evolved into a popular compact car, while continuing the rally legacy in both Group B and later Group A.


    Replacing both the earlier R369, the Pardus was intended to fill an apparent gap in the market for both a family car, as well as the need for a four-wheel drive rally car. The Wulff 496 had proved that four-wheel drive was the way to go to stay competitive in rallying, and the rear-wheel drive Di Inferi R369 became outdated almost overnight.

    The Pardus was selected to fill both these roles - It was relatively lightweight, had good weight distribution, and the ample room in the rear provided good space for either passenger seats or an engine mounted. Going from two more niche vehicles to just one also saved money, which left more resources to focus on both the Group B SR as well as other Di Inferi projects and vehicles.

    Introduced in 1985, the Pardus became a success both in rally and amongst the public. Initial high hopes of success in rally and almost immediate good results in Group B helped the Pardus achieve relatively high sales numbers, though it was somewhat slumped by the ban of Group B rally in 1986. Regardless, the Pardus was reworked to enter the Group A category instead, in which its four-wheel drive system and good weight distribution helped it win numerous victories. This is an Evoluzione II - built as a homologation special to allow Di Inferi to continue competing in Group A.


    The Pardus' status and popularity in rallying earned it popularity amongst buyers as well. The four-wheel drive models were popular amongst enthusiasts, and the Evoluzione models especially have become desirable.


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    Version: 2.0
    It actually works really good on rally!
    Do you think you'll make a rally skin version?
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