Beta 1989 Ibishu Kashira (Gen 1) 3.2

A small, sporty, minivan from Ibishu!

  1. Minor bugfixes

    Just some minor bugfixes, mostly to the drivetrain system.
  2. Hotfix for 3.0

    This is just a quick hotfix update that fixes a few issues the previous version had. Highlights include:
    • Fixed and reworked AWD system
    • Fixed automatic gear indicator on 5-speed transmission displaying the wrong values
    • Slight edits and name changes to the engines to better suit the time period
  3. Small fixes & Future Proofing

    Meme from @Car_Killer:

    Hello everyone! I apologize if you clicked on this thinking the new Kashria was released, but don't worry, It's on it's way! That's actually what this update is mostly for: future proofing so that the new Kashira doesn't break the old one when it comes out, and vice-versa. That being...
  4. A Few More Small Fixes...

    • Fixed front turn signal bug
    • Fixed forced color on Night Fever configuration
    • Tweaked a few small things
  5. Minor Engine Tweaks

    Minor pre-update engine tweaks to ensure optimal performance. (^‿^*)
  6. Performance Update! (/^▽^)/


    This update adds some new performance parts, and fixes a few bugs. Some highlights include:
    • New Turbo V6 engine
    • New engine sounds for V6
    • Strengthened and adjusted front wheel axles (there's still a bit of an alignment problem, but I'm looking into it!)
    • Increased engine strength
    • New Drift Missile configuration
    • New Night Fever configuration
    • GTz, Race, Rally, and Sleeper configurations now use the new...
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