Beta 1989 Ibishu Pescoupe 2.5

When you want a cheap and reliable coupe, but don't want the bad rep of a 200BX driver

  1. PBR Update

    -Added PBR support
    -Modified the taillights to work on the default trunk
    -Adjusted the mesh a bit
  2. another small fix

    -Fixed clutch pedal not showing on RHD transmissions
  3. small fix

    -Fixed handbrake not showing on RHD body
  4. Around the world! RHD variant, new headlights, new hoods, new bumpers

    -Added RHD variant
    -Fixed the weird rear tail lights that seemed to be always lit
    screenshot_2021-01-16_18-54-47.png screenshot_2021-01-16_18-55-12.png
    -Added rear fog light
    -Added new projector headlights
    -Added new extended hoods
    screenshot_2021-01-16_18-53-23.png screenshot_2021-01-16_18-53-49.png
    -Added new front bumpers
    -Added new rear bumpers to accommodate the lager exhausts
    -Added an "RPM reminder" for the Diesel variant
    -Made the doors a bit longer to suit the coupe style...
  5. Fixed the rear fender flares not showing, new taillights

    -Fixed rear wide quarter panels not showing (I hope so)
    -Fixed some configs
    -Added new taillights design
    screenshot_2021-01-13_19-15-43.png screenshot_2021-01-13_19-17-29.png
  6. Basically the whole model changed

    New model and improved Jbeam

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