1993 Nissan Patrol ST (SWB) 1.0

Powered by a 4.2 N/A Petrol i6 (TB42)

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    The Y60 was radically different mechanically from its predecessors as it was the first Patrol with coil sprung suspension, increasing comfort and rough ground handling. All Y60 Patrols had a three-link live axle suspension set-up at the front, with all wagons (SWB, LWB and SWB LW) adopting a five-link set-up at the rear. The utility model was available with both a leaf spring rear axle and from 1994 onwards a choice of the same coil-spring rear axle as the wagons. Sway bars were included on both front and rear coil-sprung live axles. Power steering was standard. Some wagon models had front and rear disc brakes while the ute retained rear drum brakes. The introduction of a synchromesh on reverse gear was another improvement.

    The alternative model codes of GR and GQ were applied to left- and right-hand drive models, respectively.

    Most models had a rear limited slip differential and some variants had a vacuum or electric solenoid operated manual rear differential lock. A rear sway bar release mechanism appeared on some models. Some Y60s had a PTO-driven front-mounted winch, with an in-cab control lever to the right of the gearstick.

    The Patrol was branded Safari in Japan, where it featured a 24V electrical system, instead of the standard 12V.

    The TD42 and TB42 were available with either a five-speed manual and a four-speed automatic gearbox. The RD28T and the RB30 offered only a 5-speed manual.
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