1994-2003 Malpensa Sarah 1.0

Malpensas midsize sedan from the 90s

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The Malpensa Sarah is a midsize sedan, produced from 1994-2003 (to 2008, cause the next gen was just a really big facelift). It has boxer engines, because it is made by Malpensa and comes in multiple variants.
    The two big Sarah versions are standart or GT. The GT has 6 cylinders and a different front styling.

    The standart variants:
    -1.4, features a ~90hp 1.4l boxer4
    -1.4SI has the 1.4SI engine, that features Malpensas Si system to improve performance and fuel consumption.
    There is somewhat of a trend as those 90s sedans are cheap now, to swap those two engines into a VW Beetle, because... they fit really easy.

    -the 1.6 and the 1.6SI are more or less the same story, but they don't fit the beetle that easy, so nowadays you can get one of those really cheap. They are good engines though and good cars too.

    -the 1.8Si (every engine that follows is an Si engine) is just a bigger 1.6Si
    -the 1.8Si Turbo with~190hp is where the Sarah becomes interesting, cause it is a very powerful and torquie engine that can create lots of fun.
    -The SiTurbo20 is the most powerful boxer for the Sarah with over 200hp from a 2l engine

    The GTs:

    -The GT has a bit less power than the SiTurbo20, but isn't supposed to be sporty. Is has ~220hp (if i remember correctly) and alway enough power.
    -The GTS has more Power
    -The GTS turbo Quadra has a twin turbo GTS engine and AWD for maximum performance.
    -The GTS turbo Quadra Corsa is the same, but specced up for racing and with nearly 600hp. It has a very light race clutch: when shifting into first, the car needs a bit throttle.

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