1995 Ibishu Kashira (Gen 2) 3.1.2

The compact minivan that became a worldwide phenomenon!

  1. Hotfix for the Long Forgotten Update

    Hey everyone! Thank you for providing wonderful comments and helpful feedback on the most recent Kashira update! Unfortunately, there has been some issues plaguing the release. Nonetheless, much of them have been addressed. Special thanks again goes to baarry5444 for providing the fixes and additional content!

    Here's a brief summary of the changes to expect...
    - You asked, we listened. The majority of the light bars are now updated to use the 0.25 ones. An issue with having two simultaneous...
  2. The Long Forgotten Update

    moderation: car_killer - updated the mod to fix issues in the latest game version


    Hey everyone! It's been a long time since the last update to the
    Kashira, and unfortunately, that was due to a lack of time to maintain a fan-favorite repository vehicle mod. Almost two years have passed since the last update, and a little more than 3 years since it was first made available on the repository. Time flies like an arrow, wouldn't you agree?

    In those two years, the game...
  3. Some Fixes

    This update was originally intended to simply fix a small reported issue, but unfortunately my computer also decided that it was the perfect time to completely die. ><

    So to offer some consolation for the longer-than-intended time this mod was unavailable, the Kashira team has added several new skins and cape designs, as well as addressing a few minor bugs that needed fixing anyways.

    - tweaked all skin materials to fix discoloration
    - fixed texturecooker materials
    - added...
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  4. Worldwide Success!

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  5. New Roads

    Hey everyone! It's been a while. This is the first major update for the Kashira, and aims to fix some of the most annoying bugs while also introducing some new and exciting content. (^^)

    This update adds the new "MR-V" version of the Kashira, a compact "soft-roader" aimed at those who wanted more snow-faring capability than the regular Kashira, but didn't want a car as big and impractical as the Roamer or Hopper. Every MR-V is equipped with a 4WD drivetrain, a different tailgate design,...
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