1995 Seragi Impera Sedan 1.0

A Japanese chrome-laden V8 luxury car from the 90's.

  1. Secrane
    "When you think luxury, you probably think to Germany, England, or even the US. But don't forget Japan, and Seragi's Impera. It may not be the biggest, or most powerful, but you'll still make a statement rolling around in a chrome-laden machine that was never meant for the western markets. - That also means all the buttons are in Japanese. わかりますか?"


    The Impera is Seragi's almost-top-of-the-line model. Featuring a V8 engine. the 1.6-ton, 5-meter long Impera is absolutely enormous for the Japanese market. It may not out-size everything, but in its home town, it's a real status piece. Even outside its home turf, you're sure to get onlookers wondering what exactly it is.


    The 4.5 liter V8 engine produces exactly 276 horsepower, pushing the rear wheels through a 5-speed automatic transmission. While in limited export, the Impera was moderately popular with the affluent in nearby Asian markets, as well as a small number in Australia. It manages a top speed in the vicinity of 150-160 mph, though it's much more comfortable cruising along on highways and city streets.

    Overall, the Impera is an excellent luxury car for those looking to make people turn their heads in wonderment. It's not the biggest of the plush cruisers, but will certainly out-comfort most.

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    It was fun to do something 90's and non-sporty for once. I hope you enjoy the Impera!


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    Anything you make is a piece of art.
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