Experimental 1996 Cougar Stats for the Grand Marshall 1.0

Engine, transmission, differential, lightened parts, suspension, and tires

  1. nachtstiel
    With this mod, I bring you a set of parts that simulate a 1996 Mercury Cougar XR7 4.6L. This does take advantage of the independent rear suspension mod by D-Troxx.
    Independent rear suspension mod found here: https://beamng.com/resources/independent-rear-suspension-for-the-grand-marshal.14590/

    Parts List:

    • 4.6L 2V SOHC Engine
      • Uses Torque curve from my own Cougar
      • It was stock and nearly 20 years old when I recorded the curve
    • Ford 4R70W Automatic Transmission
    • Ford T-5 Manual Transmission
    • Light Frame
      • This uses node alteration to lower the weight overall in order to retain the same center of gravity
    • Suspension
      • Custom springs, shocks, and swaybars where the default values do not align with the Cougar
    • Tires
      • Uses Custom 215/75R15 Standard and Sport tires
      • Found on the configs or on 15x8 rims

Recent Reviews

  1. Lewhik
    Version: 1.0
    Nice Mod!
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