Beta 1997 Rently Bello 1.0

Not a Bently

  1. Peter Beamo
    1997 Rently Bello

    Here is 90s Bello! Not much to say. This got all the luxury car has!

    • Turobcharged 6.8L V90° V8 Engine. Makes about 400hp at 4000RPM
    • Compression Ratio: 8:1
    • Fuel Injection: Multi Point EFI
    • 4-Speed Automation Transmission
    • Top speed: 250kmh
    • Front McPherson's struts
    • Rear Semi Trailing Arms
    • Front Ventilated Disc brakes
    • Rear Solid Disc brakes
    screenshot_01293.png screenshot_01292.png screenshot_01294.png

    Try it out yourself! Every details (almost) you see up there were taken from the 1997 Bently Continental T.

Recent Reviews

  1. Starkew
    Version: 1.0
    Very beautiful Eminem
    1. Peter Beamo
      Author's Response
      XD thanks bro!
  2. Kueso
    Version: 1.0
    dang you just make the best automation cars, dont you?
    1. Peter Beamo
      Author's Response
      Maybe :D!! Thanks for the comment!
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