1997 Serpent Neptune S 1.1

An American 90's V8 sportscar.

  1. Secrane
    It's the 90's.

    Summertime is all-the-time. Surfing, skating, video games and hanging out with friends are the most popular activities amongst youngsters, and much of the world is generally relaxed coming to the end of a turbulent century. There's only one car with enough slick, yet relaxed style to carry you into the 2000's.


    This is the 1997 Serpent Neptune - specifically, the Neptune S. That means a 5.6 V8 engine, producing 260 horsepower mated to a rear-wheel drive 5-speed automatic with overdrive. It's the ultimate sporty cruiser for American roads.

    The Neptune was introduced in the 1980's, having been named after a 50's concept car. It was meant to be a more aerodynamically inclined take on a sporty car, and proved a popular choice among younger buyers. This design language continued into this model, a 1997 facelift to the contemporary generation. It has sleek lines such as many other 90's sportscars do, and a sharp body kit with long, sweeping lines.

    Its relatively low price considering its performance and sleek, eye-catching look made it stand out in high school and college parking lots. This is a more expensive model, being one of the highest available trims.


    It weighs in at 1459kg, and has seating for four adults + 1. It has relatively soft suspension, but corners well and is overall a very easy car to drive. It will kick its tail out if pushed hard, but is very easy to pull back in. It's a lot of fun, both for comfortable cruising and hard driving.

    This is my interpretation of a 90's American sportscar. I hope you enjoy it.

    Thank you for driving my car.
    Please let me know what you think!


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