1998 Exegy Exige Wagon SuperSport Autobaun Edition 1.0

ever wanted to have a wagon that revs to 10k but also need practicality?

  1. hellacat
    screenshot_2019-10-07_21-24-04.png screenshot_2019-10-07_21-02-29.png
    the 98 exegy exige supersports were and still are the highest power per litre n/a production car with its twin cam 5 valve 3.4l boxer 6. engine dubbed the SHO Cantarta 3.4. the engine was a new design from the ground up starting development in 1991. it was going to be a fuel injected 5 valve engine for a upcoming mid engine sports car to go against European offerings like lotus and an alternative to high end Italian supercars. after a little while they decided to fully go after the high end super car market so the car and engine was dropped in 1995. a year later in 96 exegy wanted a car to go against the super fast luxury sports cars from Europe like the M5. exegy designed the car first expecting to use one of their generic engines.long story short they went crazy with every idea they could think to make a midsize luxury car as fast as possible. after which they came across the almost completed Cantara engine. they worked on it trying to squeeze as much power as possible while still being fit for the road. they settled on the current engine design with many over engineered components to make it more reliable. one of those decisions was to not use variable valve lift as it would add more moving parts and oil lines. not to mention the engine is split into 2 banks. another was to add 4 separate oil pumps. two are the cam pumps for each bank of cylinders with oil ports in the cam lobes themselves and near the bottom of the valves. the other is the main spray for the bottom end and piston. the engine works alongside a 6 speed transmission and an awd system. the autobahn edition was sold in the first year of production and only 1200 were ever made. autobahn edition has a special burgundy paint and 3 spoke rims and a advanced for the time gps system it was only available as a wagon. it also had a retractable front spoiler on all models.
    the front of the car was based loosely off the Exegy sequoia but the rear was a new blobby design with the 3d brake light in the bumper along with the reverse as leds on a strip. it was new and not everyone liked it. the whole car is made out of aluminum too which keeps the large wagon around 1450kg. due to all these features it would set you back $135'000 in 98.
    it certainly was a prestigious car.
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