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1998 Minjun Tokki R 1.0

A Sports Car for the Whole Family

  1. killercar34
    The Minjun Tokki R was the top of the line model that was exported to the US during the final year of the Tokki's production until the next generation came out. Powered by a 220hp 2.5L "R-Spec" V6 coupled to a 6 speed manual transmission, this AWD wagon is a sports car in disguise that will surprise everyone, such as that annoying teenager who thinks he's in a cartoon and that his Ibishu Kame can easily outrun a Sunburst RS on tight and poorly maintained mountain roads, or that old fart who keeps going on and on about how "they just don't make em like they use to" and thinks that the rusted out gutless shell of his Barstow 291 is worth 7 grand.


    1. MinjunTokkiR.png
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