Beta 1JZ Sound For the 200BX 1.3

You can now have the prequel to the legendary high-powered 3.0L Straight 6!!

  1. [Final Release]

    This'll probably be the last update on the 1J.

    -Fixed the fix;
    -Tuned the volumes and pitches (requested by @-LM-);
    (Yeah i messed up the fix... just don't ask...)
  2. 1.2 Quick Fix;

    Just a quick fix;
  3. Update 1.2!!

    This might* be the last update i make on the 1J...
    Alright, the changes:

    -Re-Tweaked Volumes and pitches;
    -Added a limiter bang sound;
  4. Update 1.1

    -Tweaked Idle Sound;
    -Added the much asked Turbo Spool sound (WiP);
    -Revs 'till 10,5k (10500) RPM now;
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