'20 Apex Avarice 3700 GTO 1.0

Handling Extreme!

  1. Daaxoo
    '20 Apex Avarice 3700 GTO

    It's been a while since I made a car, and what better way to return then with my favourite variety of it: a FWD hypercar. This one handles like a dream, and for 50,000$, is the fastest thing in existence, scoring 7th on my favourite American Road 82km test track (beats several 100,000$ AWD monsters)! Showcases my ever-evolving understanding of car tuning and getting the maximum out of Automation car design.



    1. Screenshot765.png
    2. Screenshot766.png
    3. Screenshot767.png
    4. Screenshot768.png
    5. Screenshot769.png
    6. Screenshot770.png
    7. screenshot_2022-03-16_15-20-30.jpg
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