'20 Apex Nefarious V12 Concept GT 7.0

A very high-performance concept FWD hypercar

  1. ...and here I thought I finally reached the limit of the car...


    More power, more weight to the front (that's what the aerials are for, for some reason those fixtures add a lot of weight in Beam, even if they make the car look a bit silly). More corner traction as a result, and less wheespin.

    // Note, for anyone trying to reduce the wheelspin on their FWD car - add more weight up front. As much as possible, however you can. You need to press down the front axle. That's a free tip :) . //

    Result: another 7...
  2. Perfection Reached- I think!

    Re-tuned engine, now directly-injected. Slightly more front aero. Camber settings redone, for slightly more high-speed grip. Gearing lengthened even more then it already was.

    Enter the v6.0! Shaving off 5 seconds off the 5.0 version, this might actually be the limit to which the car can be refined.


    1. Screenshot611.png
    2. Screenshot612.png
    3. Screenshot613.png
  3. Back to basics!

    More aero means I could make it more powerful again, without more wheelspin. Fastest iteration yet, and probably the last version, unless I can figure out a way to improve it further.


    1. Screenshot589.png
    2. Screenshot590.png
    3. Screenshot591.png
    4. Screenshot592.png
    5. Screenshot593.png
  4. Even more refinements!

    Front aero cranked up to Z. Low-band torque improved. Front weight balance increased.

    Rear aero slightly reduced.

    7-speed gearbox, even longer gears. Again, more for weight purposes, then any real need.


    1. Screenshot578.png
    2. Screenshot580.png
    3. Screenshot581.png
  5. More Refinements

    Engine de-tuned even more, now putting out 667hp. Torque delivery shifted even further into the low-band, while losing in the high-band, to control the wheelspin better, and provide even more usable low and mid-speed acceleration.

    Front and rear aero improved, for better mid to high speed cornering. Front and rear camber adjusted.


    1. Screenshot572.png
    2. Screenshot573.png
    3. Screenshot574.png
  6. Fine Tuning

    Slightly de-tuned engine, now with a little more lower-end power band, and little less top-end power, to minimise the wheelspin even more, and deliver more usable acceleration in the mid-range.

    Now with a 6-speed gearbox, but very long gear ratios. More because I wanted to add even more front-weight, then any real need.

    Front aero improved. Weight balance shifted a little more toward the front.

    FWD hypercars are temperamental beasts, when it comes to power delivery. XD


    1. Screenshot567.png
    2. Screenshot568.png
    3. Screenshot570.png
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