'20 Apex Salsa Track Elite 6.0+

Hypercar Annihilator!

  1. The Final Solution

    Well, after 6 iterations and a few sleepless nights, I think I've extracted literally every bit of performance I can, from the Salsa. To say the task was a challenge, is a severe understatement. The car itself is a product of a challenge between myself and @TheCrySick, on who can finish the 82km time trial on the American Road map the fastest.

    The challenge is open for anyone to join in, so feel free to PM me or CrySick for details and rules of it. The cars have to...
  2. Total Overhaul

    Power cut. Torque cut. Now with a naturally aspirated engine.

    But also much, much lighter, more agile, and more responsive in the corners. Power isn't everything! :D


    1. Screenshot508.png
    2. Screenshot509.png
    3. Screenshot510.png
    4. Screenshot511.png
    5. Screenshot512.png
    6. Screenshot513.png
  3. Going on a diet...

    ...specifically, found a way to lose about 70-so kilos from the car, while still keeping the price under 100k. All other aspects remain the same.

    Oh yea, and fitted an electric diff, because I had a few thousand left over :D


    1. Screenshot502.png
    2. Screenshot504.png
    3. Screenshot505.png
  4. More power, more torque, better aero, better brakes

    Displacement increased from 4.3 to 5.7 liters, turbo-boost decreased to 1 bar, to smooth out the torque curve even more. Overall power increased.

    Brake cooling improved further, front brakes larger.


    1. Screenshot497.png
  5. New engine, new brakes

    I didn't like the power band on the V6 engine, so I made an I6, with a superior low-rpm power curve, and less turbo lag, out of the same displacement. Slightly more power, too.

    Brakes are now full carbon-ceramic all around, 6 piston at the front, brake cooling improved.

    Ride height raised by a notch, dampers loosened by a notch, sway bars stiffened by a notch, just for that extra-bit of fine-tuning on the handling.

    Aero improved all around; front, mid and rear.

    17 seconds shaved off the...
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